| nineteen // fifty-two |

Because my goal as a mother is to make even a trip to Target to get cleaning supplies an adventure! Yesterday we succeeded, but others days we do not. We were about to walk out the door when I heard “drip-drip” and look over to see a stream of water coming from our light in the Kitchen. This little one ran right for it, since her soul mate is any body of water she can splash in. I swooped her up, put a bucket down and headed out to get a mop! 

// favorite saying //

“Stop it mommy,” it’s not a demand but said as if I am dancing to the jitterbug is a sequin kaftan, feather boa and work boots. She saves it for diaper changes, nose blowing, sometimes even hugs, you know the true torture!

// favorite song //

Currently she is singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on repeat, except she has switched it up for “twinkle twinkle little Harper.” Which of course melts my heart into a giant puddle she then splashes in!

| eighteen // fifty-two |

Because it’s getting harder and harder to wrangle this little one, it’s like trying to hold onto 100 bunnies in a pillowcase! Each day unlocks new quirks and new adventures. Today she wanted to push every button she saw, which made snapping a portrait near impossible. Even if I gave Harp her own special button she wanted the one mama was using. It’s amazing to see her little mind work through it all though, and while tiresome it’s amazing to be getting to a place where we can better communicate with each other.

This week we started the whole Montessori idea of setting up limitations by avoiding using “no” and using a positive language to create guidelines. So far the results are pretty positive, although the word has not completely disappeared from ourvocabulary. I hadn’t realized how often I was telling her no until I was trying not to say it, and it’s amazing how much more receptive she has been! Things like “no out of the dishwasher” we’re met with mischievous smiles and giggles, now she steps out of the dishwasher and closes it! Success!

// favorite activity //

Did I mention pushing buttons? Both figurative and literal of course!

// favorite toy //

She now requires a little baby doll to go to sleep. She gives her a hug, strokes her back and tucks her in to sleep. It’s so sweet how caring she is for this doll, but so far it’s just limited to naps and bed time. She wants nothing to do with it during the day. Anyone ever had that? 

| doe and fawn // five minute face |

Sometimes I feel like having a toddler is a test to see how fast you can do something, cooking, showering, maybe even getting in and out of the fridge without a breakdown?! Getting myself presentable before a day out is no exception. Luckily I have figured out a pretty fast and easy mom friendly morning (or afternoon routine, no judgements) to help get the door and feel some what human.

If you are familiar with my other beauty posts, I am a fan of the all natural route with products. In the past few months I have also been taking a closer look at my cosmetics and been transitioning to brands that truly do not test on animals. I know it sounds hippie-dippy but we all have our stuff we care about and this is mine! 

So here we go!

I am a big advocate for moisturizing, maybe it’s my years as a teen trying my hardest to dry up every inch of my face, but I feel like I am constantly looking to see how I can quench my skin without sacrificing my finally clear skin! 

I always start with a toner to help balance my skin, currently loving…

Herbivore Botantials Sking Toning Elixir 

The next step is how you are hydrating your skin, I have a summer and winter one since my skin changes with the season!


Mario Badescu Aloe Oil-free Moisturizer


Herbivore Botanticals Lapis Oil

Your face is prepped and now it’s time to add some color…

Oh watch those little hands…

Okay I am a pretty low-maintenance gal, I love the effortless look, so it’s not a joke when I saw these are my everyday products I use. I will get fancy, but for trips to the park, a day at work, or chasing around a nugget this is all I need!


Lush Colour Supplement

need a little extra coverage? Mix with your moisturizer for a more thorough coverage!

Cover and Set (in one)

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation 

A little swipe to make your eyes pop! I have blonde lashes which makes this step a must! No matter what I skip a few swipes on the top lashes makes me feel like I can fake awake!

Eyeko Fat Brush Mascara

Time to rose your cheeks and dress those lips…

URB Apothecary Lips and Cheek Stain

That’s it! Keep feeing beautiful mamas!

| seventeen // fifty-two |

Because today the sun peaked out from behind a dark cloud and we took 1000 trips down the slide. I am a third of the way through our weekly portrait series and seeing the growth and development in Harper has left me a little misty. 

Lately our days off have been filled with errands, tantrums, chores and appointments, so today we walked to the park so we could smell the flowers, ride the slide and swing till our face hurt from smiling. Today was a beautiful break from the stress of the last few weeks!

// favorite hobby //

Watering plant might this girl’s favorite was to spend a day. We have already needed to reply one plant and hide the watering can to give some of our little green babies a break from an excited toddler.

// new development //

We officially have a toddler who is ready for a toddler bed! The last week we have had two nights of screaming because someone got stuck mid-climb out of her crib. Her father and I are pretty sure this means she will never sleep again…

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| around here // toddler days |

There are some days I feel like I have this mama thing down, Super Mom sounds like a runner-up to my stellar performance. Then there are days, like today, when I have to be rescued by my husband while I wipe away tears in the bathroom…because you can’t let the enemy see you cry. 

Today started with our little toddler waking at 3am to try and climb out of her crib, then screaming at me till about 5am when after trying it all, she passed out in her bouncer. Don’t worry she woke at 7:30am, which gave use time to ease into the morning and get ready for her doctors appointment. The sun was shining and the day started looking up!

We were by my favorite cafe, Talula’s Daily, and I picked up a yummy beet salad and got Harper her first piece of zucchini bread. She ate the bread like someone on day 31 of Whole 30, and I soaked up the gorgeous sun and basked in my toddler giggles. She even fell asleep in the car on the way home, I couldn’t get over how this day has turned. Then…she woke up.

Screams for hours, refusal to eat, we got about 20 minutes of quiet with the start of Inside Out and crackers, but it didn’t last long. A trail of destruction was visible through out apartment, broken eggs, dug up plants, and over turned chairs. During this time we got a call that our car would not run without a hefty bill attached. I felt defeated, then my husband came home. 

My husband swept up my daughter, gave me a loving look and said you did great and then informed me he figured out how to finance the car and not sacrifice out little nest egg. Today was a day I realized these is no perfect mom, pictures capture the good for prosperity, and help is necessary. Morale of the story, toddlers are tough, motherhood is a tough job, and sometimes you can experience it all in one day!

Mama needs a drink, massage and a 12 hour nap!

| sixteen // fifty-two |

Because today was Mother’s Day and I felt so loved! Motherhood is the strangest journey I have gone on and it’s one that although I might contemplate it, I would never trade in. It’s wild to think how my live has changed and what I have gained, and lost from motherhood. 

Today my husband let me sleep-in, took me to our favorite tavern for a delicious beer and tots, and showered me with presents and love. The day ended with chalk drawings, Frozen and a key lime tart. Today was a good day, after a very long week it was just what I craved.

Each day I work so hard to be a positive light, patient parent, and encouraging force for our daughter. I hope that she knows how much I have loved becoming her mother and developing our bond.

// favorite joke //

We are potty training, very casually since she is young, and are going the jelly bean route. She loves to take the jelly bean and reach it out like she might let you have it, and then quickly snatch it back. Oh how it makes me laugh, and crave jelly beans.

// least favorite drink //

Chocolate milk may as well be laced with dish soap and peppermint. The grimace I get when I try to give it to her. Guess our Nestle budget will be pretty low!

Wishing every mother their vision of the best Mother’s Day!

| fifteen // fifty-two |

Because having friends with cameras are great, especially on really tough weekends when you can’t take any pictures of your own. This weekend someone flexed her toddler muscles and we had one of those weekends when you feel like you have nothing figured out and you just want to curl into bed and sleep for a week. Luckily my parents were here, which might have caused some of the disturbance but at least there was a 5 hour span that mama got to get out of the house solo and reset a little bit.

// newest development //

Can I say becoming co-dependent? This girl became very clingy, out of nowhere, this week. It’s really thrown us for a loop. People have reminded us this is around the time separation occurs, but man it makes getting anything done extremely tough! How has anyone else handled this stage? Any advice?!

// favorite naughty act //

I have talked before about this girls love of crayons remember? Well she has discovered drawing on things other than paper. Cabinet doors, the floor, the coffee table, her books, mom’s purse, really anything other than paper. I have had to take the crayons away a handful of times this weekend, which lead to a nuclear meltdown. I have been teaching her to clean it up as a lesson, which she is taking to, but now can’t tell if she does it to then have to clean it up. Did I already say this weekend was fun?