| fourteen // fifty-two |

Because this week I am letting her art tell her story. This past week this girl’s love of coloring has only grown more intense. Every morning, the first thing she does is go to her cabinet and pull down her spiral-bound sketchbook and ask to draw. She is not scared to ask for help and encourages me and my husband to draw with her, makes requests and will spend hours pouring all her emotions and concentration into her work. 

I love that she has this passion, and that it only is getting stronger. As an art school grad, don’t judge my Elmo, I hope to raise Harper to be a creative thinker. It’s things like this that make me feel like I am doing something right. 

// favorite activity //

aside from coloring this girl wants nothing more than to dance, well really be carried around while YOU dance. It’s a great cardio, and I must admit I love it too!
// least favorite activity //

hugs that she does not initiate, nothing will piss this girl off more. I was very lucky to have a sweet moment captured while at a photoshoot for work. I had walked away to have my picture taken and Harper had a stage 5 melt-down, I am talking snot covered face people. My friend brought her up and she clung to me, settled her breathing and sighed “mommy.” My heart melted and I am so lucky to have a momento of this sweet mommy moment. 

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