| doe and fawn // summer bucket list |

This weekend finally felt like Spring, which means in my brain it is pretty much summer! Each summer I try to make a little list, whether physical or mental of my musts for the season. I have always felt like I needed to take advantage of every sunny moment, like wasting time was a crime. I have always felt affected by the weather and always feel I come alive with the start of Spring.

This year, unlike years past, I am not pregnant and Harper is at an age where she understands and interacts with her surroundings, so this basically means best summer ever right?! 

Here is the start of our Summer Bucket List…

// beach //

Cape May is our favorite and we did not get to go enough last summer. I want to eat dinner at Congress Hall and explore here.

// read //

Okay this is not a joke, a girl can dream right? Here’s my summer reading list…

Harry Potter and the Sorcer’s Stone

Practical Life for Parenting

Wild and Free

// hike //

Obviously a two year old is still limiting our terrain but I love getting outside with her. She loves to explore, investigate and feel the nature around her (figuratively and literally). These places are top on my list for the views…

Delaware Water Gap

Watkins Glen State Park

// berry picking //

Really I just love berries in the summer, and all year, okay I just love berries.

Linvilla Farm did I mention strawberry pancakes

Longview Farm and Market

// zoo //

// see a show //


Ryan Adams

Dolly Parton no kidding love this woman

// make //

I love making things, getting crafty, but as you know time might not be the most available thing so keeping the list small…

play tent

clothing rack

indoor herb garden

What are you doing this summer?

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