| eleven // fifty-two |

Because this girl is speeding towards two and picking up some strong likes, and dislikes along the way. Every time we leave the house Harper insists on a Jacket and glasses, even at 8pm at night. 

Today we had plans to go for a hike, but it was WAY too windy, so I thought we could do some baking, then the power went out…so I gave up. We packed up and went around to our favorite spots, Moon and Arrow was our first stop. We walked around, grabbed a snack and then worked on a little decluttering. Hope everyone is having an adventurous Sunday!!

favorite thing to do //

when you are leaning over her to change her diaper or even strap her into her car seat she grabs your shoulder to pull you tight and says “hug” and then “happy.” It might be the most heart-melting thing a little girl can do.

favorite food // 

It used to be mac and cheese, then it was rice and beans, and now it’s strawberries. This girl will pull them out of the fridge, if she doesn’t like what’s on her tray she asks for “stawbies,” and then just giggles! I love that she strays from junk and just goes for the fresh fruit!

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