| nine // fifty-two |


Because somebody helped me tend to the plants and completely destroyed my eucalyptus. Instead of getting upset I snapped a few pictures and taught her “he loves me, he loves me not.” Every week this girl seems to advance by leaps and bounds. It is wild that by only week nine she looks like a completely different toddler then she did at the beginning.

// favorite saying //

“Excuse me.” After every burp, fart or forced noise, but she always waits…just staring…until you say “excuse you,” so she can burst out laughing. I love that she  at least has manners!

// favorite toy //

I got an iPad, for me not for her, but of course I may have downloaded a few Daniel Tiger apps. She of course loves it, but it’s the time that the iPad goes bye-bye that is toddler, stage-5, meltdown. Today’s lasted about 20 minutes. 

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