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This weekend the babes and I are heading to Buffalo for a little girls weekend with my college friends. Packing for two in one bag is only half as scary as multiple hours…alone…in a car…with a toddler!! 

Luckily this is not our first rodeo and our well traveled little munchkin has been on 5 road trips in her first year and a half  and we have developed a bit of a guide to surviving long trips in the car with a little one. Although it may seem like being trapped in a car with a crazed dog, but here is how we survive…

// plan your route //

Okay so obviously you have checked out where you are going, but what about the spots in-between? Using apps like Roadtrippers shows you special and tailored to you attractions that are along your route. Toddlers like to run and they can get “anxious” when denied that unrestrained freedom. Finding cool parks, museums or attractions along the way give you something more exciting than a gas station bathroom to experience.

// all about the timing //

You know the commercials that show a snoozing baby in the middle of the night being driven around by sleep-deprived parents, well cars can get you primed for a little shut eye. Waiting till it’s right at that sweet moment of calm before the slumber is a great time to strap that baby in and hit the road. Take advantage of the quiet to make the best time you can!

// packing a fun punch //

Once your sweet little babe wakes it’s time to start the distraction mission. Have books and small toys within arms reach and a mirror strapped to the back of the seat for your little one to converse with. Having a little something to wake up to can keep them calm until you can make that first stop to stretch those little legs.

// keep talking //

It can be boring to sit in a quiet car staring at the scenery whizzing by. Talk to your babe about what’s going on. Where are you going? What’s going to happen when you get there? Who is going to be there? This little trick helped us during our first trip when I found just saying the exits kept Harper calm as we drove. Knowing we were still there and paying attention to her helped ease her seperation anxiety.

// have fun //

These moments are fleeting and one day even the tough days will be fond memories. Take selfies at the rest stop, eat ice cream and make even a stop a Target an adventure!

Happy travels…

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