| ten // fifty-two |

Because this week life has been a bit bonkers, professionally and a bit personally, so this Daddy had to step into night-time duty, potty trainer, and little toddler wrangler. After working 7 days straight, two with this little party monster, I was ready for a FULL day off with these two. Sometimes as a mom it can feel like you are the only one going through the life changing path of parenthood, but what about dad. 

After a minor breakdown to my husband, we realized we were both feeling the same stresses and pressures but not talking about them. Being a working parent is incredibly difficult, hoping to work on a post about balance, relief and how to support your partner through it all. 

In the meantime here’s some pictures of two of the bestest friends…


favorite saying //

“Come on!” Usually said if you don’t do what she wants. Hysterical, but never serious!

big step //

Potty training is here!! Tips, tricks and support is always welcomed!!!

| mama musing // dôen collective |

colony embroidered gauze dress

whipstitch sweater

Have you guys checked out Dôen yet? After stumbling upon some of these breathtaking photos on Instagram I knew I had a major brand crush. I wanted to share my favorite pieces that leave a puddle of drool on my iPad. Think Jane Birkin with two naked babes on each hip in the French country, with a Cali girl twist. Perfect swoon-worthy pieces for any modern mama!

 Ran by a collective of 7 women, and founded by two sisters Margaret and Katherine Kleveland who wanted to bring a strong female ran business to the LA fashion scene. This is business ran by women who wanted to empower the women who design, make and wear their clothes. Based in LA, this company strives to stay local, but when they venture out to India, Peru or staying in LA they utilize factories owned, or co-owned, by women. Each season they are dedicated to designing one children’s garment that has 100% of its proceeds go to a charity dedicated to closing the gender gap. That’s girl power! 

source embroidered gauze top

yearling by dôen children’s poncho

| around here // friyay |

This week…it was one of those that by 10am Monday I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I was looking forward to a day full of relaxation but of course the car needed service, but then a shiny light at the end of a dark week. The repairs were $35, might be the smallest bill I have ever paid  for my car. 

We celebrated by getting fresh flowers, picked up a few pretty things from Madewell, and then while the baby napped I played with my new makeup. This last picture was prior to the car repairs but adorable watching Harper sit and drink “cottee” with Daddy, going “ahhhh” after each sip.

Really I have one week before things should start to calm down (finally) and we can share some fun news!

| nine // fifty-two |


Because somebody helped me tend to the plants and completely destroyed my eucalyptus. Instead of getting upset I snapped a few pictures and taught her “he loves me, he loves me not.” Every week this girl seems to advance by leaps and bounds. It is wild that by only week nine she looks like a completely different toddler then she did at the beginning.

// favorite saying //

“Excuse me.” After every burp, fart or forced noise, but she always waits…just staring…until you say “excuse you,” so she can burst out laughing. I love that she  at least has manners!

// favorite toy //

I got an iPad, for me not for her, but of course I may have downloaded a few Daniel Tiger apps. She of course loves it, but it’s the time that the iPad goes bye-bye that is toddler, stage-5, meltdown. Today’s lasted about 20 minutes. 

| doe and fawn // spring |

Spring popped up which has me itching to get Harper’s Spring clothes ready for frolicking in the park, lunch dates and general exploring. Let’s not be coy, toddler’s clothes are just about the most exciting thing to buy, but with a 6 month shelf life it can get expense, and excessive, very quickly. Editing becomes key, and knowing what statements may be worth the investment and which are best kept cheap, because let’s face it…life with a toddler gets dirty!

I would love to keep Harper in boutique labels and organic brands, but realistically we have a budget. For myself, I am all about quality over quantity. Minimalism is a word I strive for when approaching life lately and clothing is the biggest focus. I love using Old Navy and H&M, they have a great Eco line, to compliment those splurges too fantastic to pass. 

While I don’t want to say capsule wardrobe, but buying everything together during each season can help you keep the laundry piles small and money spent low. I find its those “look how cute that dress is,” or “look a sale” that makes many little splurges that add up quick. 

Cheers to Spring!

 patterned leggings with denim jacket 
Leggings // Tiny Cottons

Tee // H&M

Jean Jacket // Old Navy


Romper // Old Navy


Leggings // Spell and the Gypsy

Denim Top // Old Navy

Necklace // vintage

Tee // Imogene and Willie

Skort // Old Navy

Moccasins // Freshly Picked


Romper // Old Navy

Right now this is our Spring special. Rounding these out are…

>> 4-5 cotton tees

>> 4-5 plain cotton leggings

>> 1 pair of Nikes
We don’t have many events looming, I expect we will pick up an Easter dress, but after that we are looking at Summer next. Minimalistic wishes!

| eight // fifty-two |


Because this little one was such a trooper during our trouble filled road trip this weekend. Between a broken down car, dinner of microwaved mac-n-cheese in an office chair during an impromptu motel stay, an hour spent at AT&T fixing a crashed phone and putting up with four friends who haven’t seen each other in over a year. So incredibly grateful for this little one’s temperament and general positive attitude.

// cutest moment //

During lunch with my four college friends, after a 3.5 hour drive, someone was a little fussy. During her soft cries she would say “it’s okkkaaayyyyy.” It may have been the most heart melting two words ever uttered!

// proudest moment //

Really there were many this week, but my proudest was when after a rough night and breaking our no co-sleeping rule I was sure we had lost our strong little sleeper. Wait till the next night and this little one drifted off at 9pm and didn’t wake until 7:30am. It’s wonderful to see her resilience. 

| around here // road trip survival |


This weekend the babes and I are heading to Buffalo for a little girls weekend with my college friends. Packing for two in one bag is only half as scary as multiple hours…alone…in a car…with a toddler!! 

Luckily this is not our first rodeo and our well traveled little munchkin has been on 5 road trips in her first year and a half  and we have developed a bit of a guide to surviving long trips in the car with a little one. Although it may seem like being trapped in a car with a crazed dog, but here is how we survive…

// plan your route //

Okay so obviously you have checked out where you are going, but what about the spots in-between? Using apps like Roadtrippers shows you special and tailored to you attractions that are along your route. Toddlers like to run and they can get “anxious” when denied that unrestrained freedom. Finding cool parks, museums or attractions along the way give you something more exciting than a gas station bathroom to experience.

// all about the timing //

You know the commercials that show a snoozing baby in the middle of the night being driven around by sleep-deprived parents, well cars can get you primed for a little shut eye. Waiting till it’s right at that sweet moment of calm before the slumber is a great time to strap that baby in and hit the road. Take advantage of the quiet to make the best time you can!

// packing a fun punch //

Once your sweet little babe wakes it’s time to start the distraction mission. Have books and small toys within arms reach and a mirror strapped to the back of the seat for your little one to converse with. Having a little something to wake up to can keep them calm until you can make that first stop to stretch those little legs.

// keep talking //

It can be boring to sit in a quiet car staring at the scenery whizzing by. Talk to your babe about what’s going on. Where are you going? What’s going to happen when you get there? Who is going to be there? This little trick helped us during our first trip when I found just saying the exits kept Harper calm as we drove. Knowing we were still there and paying attention to her helped ease her seperation anxiety.

// have fun //

These moments are fleeting and one day even the tough days will be fond memories. Take selfies at the rest stop, eat ice cream and make even a stop a Target an adventure!

Happy travels…

| doe and fawn // days off |


If there was ever a photograph to truly capture a day, this would be it! Today we had a fresh glimpse of Spring so after Dada’s appointment we packed up the babe and went to the Art Museum. Sadly it’s closed on Mondays, so we explored around the grounds, checked out the water and laughed. Days off as a threesome are incredibly rare, so when it happens, even because of a doctors appointment, we take advantage.



I am in love with these pictures of Haper and Dan. This girl would not let go of his hand while we walked, this is really the first time outside we let her go out on her own which had her a little nervous. By the end of the day she was a champ, but had to take a rest while daddy carried her along the waters edge. Today was good.