| mama musing // denim rules |

Madewell is featuring #denimrules currently and being a denim junkie myself I wanted to share my #1 denim rule…denim head-to-toe. I have featured a small selection of my denim collection a few posts ago so it may seem crazy that there are a few extra pieces I am looking to add to my collection. Luckily Madewell has a few right up my alley!

// the perfect crop flare // 

rivet + thread high-rise crop 

pairs with // classic sneakers, summer clogs, Birkenstocks, or mid-calf boots


// the perfect shirt dress //

denim midi shirt dress

pairs with // small leather cross-body, strappy espadrille, or leather mules.

// perfect jumpsuit //

coverall zip jumpsuit

pairs with // lace layering tee, squash blossom necklace, Pons, or worn in vans

// perfect denim jacket //

oversized denim jacket

pairs with // white cotton embroidered dress, enamel pins, or distressed band tee 


What are your favorite denim looks? 

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