| portrait of an artist // harper james |

 finger paintin  

The artist I chose to talk about this week is fairly new to the scene. Her talent is raw and child-like. Okay, bad mom joking aside I am overly proud of Harper’s first set of paintings. I have been anxiously awaiting for the day that she got excited about creating an image with her own two hands.

Growing up I always was creating, it’s one of the things I appreciate most that my parents strived for. There was always an encouragement to be who you were, always a proud mother to show something to. I want Harper to grow up with imagination, a desire to seek beauty out of nothing and the confidence to be proud of what she makes.

Harper’s first show of finger paintings happened in the kitchen and I am thrilled she smiled when we talked about each one. I should mention, as a side note, I adore Harper’s caregiver as if she was a family member. She made sure to sign and date each of these masterpieces so to remember each one. We are making time for “art” each day we spend together so be prepared…

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