| five // fifty/two |


Because watching morning cartoons is a serious business that requires a serious concentration. Right now the favorites are Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger (although her father and I aren’t fans), We Bare Bears, Steven Universe, and Dinosaur Train. What she really loves is theme songs, this girl loves to try to sing along.

I love this time with our girl, it’s fun to see her excitement for her favorite characters, see her peak over to see if I am seeing this all happen, and to climb up into my lap to snuggle right before her nap time. Each day I cherish my time with her even if it’s singing along to Elmo.

// favorite saying //

“So sorry mommy.” Never said in response to something that genuinely deserves an apology but still given if she feeds you a rouge cheerio, kisses you or even says hello. 

// newest quirk //

Oh this girl, now every time she drinks her “milky” from her straw she lets it fill up in her mouth and then dribbles it down her mouth. Usually this will cover you and her with milk. Not really sure why but desperately trying to stop it. Sadly when I say no she just laughs, sometimes so hard there are tears…

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