| doe and fawn // spell it out |



Over the past 2-3 months the development we have seen in Harper’s language has been astonishing! At her last check-up the doctor was surprised to hear that she knew 20 or so different words, and that she could count and was starting to string sentences together! 

I was thrilled to hear about how well and fast she was developing, but at the same time felt like we should be doing more to help her advance! We have focused on spelling and counting everything…and I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. My grandmother always said even its a phone bill you should read to your child. 

These blocks are ones that hung on my wall as a tiny babe. I pulled these down so Harper and I could dive into some letter learning, showing her items around the house that start with certain letters. I was shocked when I pulled them out how many letters Harper knew and could recognize!

This time in her life has been my favorite so far, being able to finally have some level of communication with my daughter. To have her answer questions, ask for help (swoon), and ask for certain people! I can’t wait to see what she can accomplish by her 2nd year.

Side note: it’s not all flowery and amazing, she still doesn’t get what to do with a sippy cup, can’t use a spoon and just started sleeping for more than 2 hours of time! #toddlergoals



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