| portrait of an artist // nemco |


Another week, another Portrait of an Artist featuring this amazing piece from Nemco. Looking at this piece I am so humbled by how hard my husband has worked, and just amazed at the caliber of artists my husband has gotten to contribute to Harper’s growing collection. 

This piece just blows me away, it’s nothing short of mesmerizing. My dream is that Harper sees the love her father put into this project and is as grateful for each beautiful item as we are. I can not wait until we are in our permanent home and we can pull out our favorites to sprinkle around each room, and this will definitely be one of those I can’t wait for her teen-years to display. My husband has a special place in his heart for graffiti and street art, so it was no surprise he was so excited to get this from Italy.

Here is a little something about Nemco…

Is an Italian street artist living in Melbourne who is part of the Footloose Youth Crew, FLY. During my initial research I saw him described as the “M.C. Escher with a spray can,” really a hilarious but acurate description. I think this is one that speaks for for himself and I will let the art do the talking.


For more examples of nemco‘s work follow his tumblr or head over to Juxtapoz for a great collection of throw-ups, murals and gallery work. 

Image Sources: Juxtapoz magazine, Tumblr


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