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All this week we have been watching people drop like flys, scratchy throats, fevers and coughs…ugh it must be cold season. I hate being sick, and I know that it is no one’s idea of a good time, but I turn into a hopeless shell of a human. This year I am not having it.

We have been lucky enough to have in-home care for Harper, helping eliminating the frequency of germs, and she is very fond of “washy” (washing her hands) so we have luckily not had a sick babe in her whole 16 months. To help giver her, and me, a little boost we have been keeping a steady flow of vitamin C, and other goodness, in this house. Here is mommy’s little helper…

Vitamin C Smoothie

(for one mama and one babe)

What you need:

1 generous handful of frozen mango chunks

Juice from 1 large orange

1 cup of coconut milk

A few ice cubes

1/3 cup of cold water 

1 tsp of local honey

Throw all these lovely ingredients in a blender, we love our Ninja for their individual smoothie cups, and blend until smooth. Cuddle with you little one while you wait, smiling makes your soul healthy. 

There you have it! A yummy and immune boosting smoothie that also gives you a extra jolt of Vitamin A, B Vitamins, fiber and potassium!! I use frozen mangoes because realistically I am a working mother who rarely has time to spend hacking a mango to shreds, it’s just easier. Whole Foods 365 has a great, and in-expensive option!


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