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Matching outfits was never a road that I thought I would travel down. It always just seemed like a bad Christmas card from the ’80s to me, but that quickly changed when Imogene & Willie released their Little Ones line.
A little background here…

A few years ago I took a chance and, quickly, took a job opportunity in Nashville. I settled in 12 South, just a 5 minute walk from a jean shop housed in a converted gas station. To say I enjoyed living there is an understatement, I loved it. Having moved from Philly, a place I never truly felt at homein, I finally felt I had found my place. There was just one problem, my boyfriend (now husband), wasn’t able to make the move, so eventually I left that city I had fallen so in love with. I left to marry my love and start a family. 

So really I wanted to share a bit of my love for a city with my daughter, in hopes that one day soon I can introduce it to her. Also when the shirt is as adorable as this one, matching isn’t such a terrible thing. 

Side note: in the photo where Harper is pointing to herself she is letting me know she is Harper and I am mommy.

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