| three // fifty-two |


The windows in our bedroom face West, and when the sun finally comes out to play we get the most dreamy light filling our room. This is our typical selfie spot, me in my cream band tee and Harper in her post-lunch nakedness. Just two girls doing somersaults while they eat fruit chews, the best life!

// favorite food //

Black beans and rice, it’s like watching a lion attack a gazelle. 

// favorite saying //

“Needs help,” usually because her book is stuck in the bin, her camera strap is wrapped around a chair or she dropped something. It’s been a great change of pace from the normal scream, point and cry.


| mama musing // shut eye |

 Maybe it’s my excitement that she, and us, are finally getting some shut eye, but this mama is really digging anything with an eye print. I particularly am in love with this Lizzie Fortunato bag, dreaming big. 

Now before I go overboard and suddenly feel like I am in Alice in Wonderland I thought I should edit down my top picks of how to work this quirky print into mama and baby’s life and scatter through our home…and don’t worry I threw the sleeping nugget in their to prove her ability to sleep!



// lizzie fortunato //

// mudpuppy ceramic khamsa //

// tellkiddo storage bin //

// anchore deep jumper //

// rug by gur // 

// le repere des belettes //


| doe and fawn // denim digs |



Today something happened, something BIG, Harper took a 3 hour nap! Sleep training, why did we wait so long?! I digress, that is not the point, the point was what I did with my time…a good ole fashioned closet purge. Every change of season I go through and keep my closet nice and tidy, a minimalist with a shopping problem. There is one thing I can never bare to part with, my denim. 

Over the past year I have been making a strong effort to limit my consumption, particularly when it comes to clothes. Enter Pinterest to save the day. I have been working to find new inspiration in what I own and create new looks so I am continued to be inspired!

It’s easy to see that my true love is for denim and I am constantly looking to be inspired! Follow along on Pinterest if you have the same indigo dye running through you veins!

Image Source:


A well traveled woman

le fashion




La cool and chic

Veronica Loves Archie




| portrait of an artist // nemco |


Another week, another Portrait of an Artist featuring this amazing piece from Nemco. Looking at this piece I am so humbled by how hard my husband has worked, and just amazed at the caliber of artists my husband has gotten to contribute to Harper’s growing collection. 

This piece just blows me away, it’s nothing short of mesmerizing. My dream is that Harper sees the love her father put into this project and is as grateful for each beautiful item as we are. I can not wait until we are in our permanent home and we can pull out our favorites to sprinkle around each room, and this will definitely be one of those I can’t wait for her teen-years to display. My husband has a special place in his heart for graffiti and street art, so it was no surprise he was so excited to get this from Italy.

Here is a little something about Nemco…

Is an Italian street artist living in Melbourne who is part of the Footloose Youth Crew, FLY. During my initial research I saw him described as the “M.C. Escher with a spray can,” really a hilarious but acurate description. I think this is one that speaks for for himself and I will let the art do the talking.


For more examples of nemco‘s work follow his tumblr or head over to Juxtapoz for a great collection of throw-ups, murals and gallery work. 

Image Sources: Juxtapoz magazine, Tumblr


| two // fifty-two |

Our first snow day was a success!! This was really Harper’s first time experience a real snow fall and I was so excited to take her out. We were at about 12-13″ when we headed out with our little bear and it was the perfect depth for her to stretch her feet into the snow, take a seat and watch mom and dad throw snow balls at each other. She loved every minute of it! I felt so unprepared with snow gear though, did anyone else give up on the idea of a white winter?!

// favorite memory //

Sliding down the snow bank on the top of a trash can, until snow got on her face…things got serious real fast.

// favorite conversation //

Mama: Harper don’t drop your food on the floor

*food drops

Harper: Oh no!

Mama: did you drop that on purpose?

Harper: (mischievous smile) yeah!


| doe and fawn // snow day |

Snow days, I don’t think they will ever get old. Hanging in PJs all day, late breakfasts, and afternoon cuddles are really what I dream of. Jonas gave the hubs and I a surprise day 1 1/2 days together, he had to go into work Sunday (sad face), but we filled out time together with as much snuggles and laughter that we could muster. Saturday was all about introducing Harper to snow, don’t worry pictures to come, and Sunday was all about stay in and staying warm.

While we have been working over the last week to reintroduce Harper to her crib, we are still guilty of bringing her into our bed after we wake up for family cuddles. After a long session of laughter, baby videos and singing, it was time for pancakes. This is something that only in the last few months I have been able to enjoy again.

A few years ago, I had found out I had a condition called MTHFR and learned that among other limitations, my body can’t process Folic Acid which is in anything containing enriched flour. Birch Benders has been one of the best non-enriched flour pancake mixes I have found. With a hint of hazelnut, these gluten-free cakes filled out bellies for a long day of cartoons and dancing! 

Also can we talk about how happy this baby looks when she is curled up with her daddy! Melts the heart.

| one // fifty-two |


Just tonight I looked to my husband and said I can’t remember a time with out her but I also feel like she growing at warp speed. Really this last year has flown by so fast and I can’t believe how much she has changed, the stages that have flown by, so I thought it would be a perfect time to start a portrait series…with a little extra!

// favorite toy //

This wooden camera has been dragged around everywhere and she just smashed it against her face and says cheese! I am so excited she has finally discovered this toy, I was so excited to get this for her last Christmas and have been anxiously awaiting her to fall in love with it!

// pet peeve //

Not getting her the “milky” fast enough!

// new words //

“How-ah-u,” to everyone, every minute of everyday. 

Camera: Fawn Over Baby

Dress: Uniglo

| around here // baby board books |

Last week was one of those weeks that seemed to be over before I even knew  it started. We have finally all recovered from this nasty cold and I have to say that this little one was hit the hardest. 

Luckily this meant days filled with endless, snot-filled, cuddles and lots and lots of books. Reading, and re-reading, her all time favorite collection. I am always amazed how even at such a young age, she has such distinct preferences. Board books have become the most valuable toys in our home and here is our most recent rotation…

// Sophie’s Shapes //

There isn’t a mom alive who doesn’t know Sophie. Harper never really got into Sophie, but this book has been a favorite from the beginning. Right now Harper is very much into pointing and explaining what everything is, so this books full of shapes and characters is a favorite!

// Barnyard Dance! // Sandra Boyton

Harper loves pretty much every book by Boynton. The sing-songy phrases, all the animals to point at, and funny noises to make. This one elicits a lot of laughs and clapping.

// In My Garden // Nathalie Travato & Kyla Ryman

This beautiful book is part of Home Grown Books toddler series. Printed right in the USA with recycled materials. The artwork is magnificent paper cut-outs.

// Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? // Bill Martin Jr. & Eric Carle

We actually have two copies of this, that’s how much a little someone loves this book. She loves the big version because she can slide the window to see what come next. It’s gotten to the point that she can tell you what is next, but is still so excited to see the pages turn!

// What a Wondeful World // illustrated version of the song by Tim Hopgood

This song has always been somewhat nostalgic, I am not really sure why, but it always gives me the warm and fuzzies. The beautiful illustrations, combined with such positive lyrics makes it a fun time filled with terribly-pitched singing…on my end.

// hello sacred life // the wild unknown

The Wild Unknown, really it’s all you need to say. A huge fan of the tarot cards, I really got this book more for mama, but Harper has fallen as well. Out favorite page is “hello sacred children.”

// Jane Eyre // Jennifer Adams

This was a gift from some sweet work friends and for some reason beats out Pride & Prejudice…must just be a Brontë fan.

// Murray’s First Book of Words // Heather Au

For those of you unfamiliar with Sesame Street, Murray is (or was, not sure with the HBO take over) the host that tells you all about the word of the day! One of Harper’s first words was “Murray” I mean LOOOONG before mommy was Murray. This book has been chewed on, thrown and taped together multiple times.

I love to know what everyone’s children are into. It’s amazing how much is out there that we are continuing to learn about. What’s your favorite?

| around here // clearing the air |

After the New Year everyone takes the approach of cleaning up their lives, with diets, resolutions, promises and parties. For me this is always the time that I look to shake off the previous year and make a promise to myself to look forward. There are many ways to approach this, usually a thorough cleaning of the house, a purge of the closet and a few little extras to really seal the deal.

To note, anything listed below I in no way claim to be an expert. Novice at best, and that is being generous. I suggest if you are truly interested in learning more about these practices to do so!

// crystals //

Here are just a few of my favorites to scatter around the house.


The most common healing crystal, it is thought that the powers of clear Quartz were used by Aboriginal shamans and elders to receive their magical gifts. Most common uses for Quartz are to relieve stress, frustration and anxiety. This is incredibly easy to bring into your home.


Aside from its beautiful color, which is foremost why it is my favorite stone, it is also thought to encourage spirituality and contentment all the while increasing psychic ability and intuition. Leonardo Da Vinci even weighed in on amethyst by saying “is helpful in dissipating evil thoughts and improving intelligence.” Most common uses are good dreams, improved skin, relieving headaches and curbing fatigue.


What is not to love, it’s called the Sunstone. Who wouldn’t want to harness the power of the Sun. This packs a huge punch assisting with creativity and stamina, helping with depression, low confidence and gives you the ability to make tough decisions. I have known many people to sleep with this stone under their pillow to best receive the benefits of citrine.

There are so many crystals to choose from, @goldirocks.co is a beautiful feed!

// smudge sticks //

The history of smudge sticks lies with Native American cultures. The ritual was done for cleansing and purification with the thought that the smoke from specific herbs latch onto your negative energy and carries them away. I love them because it’s a moment when you concentrate, while walking through your home, and make a concious effort to let go of negativity, plus they small great!

You can buy these, usually made with sage, at various retailers. If you are in the DIY spirit you can make your own using fresh lavender, Rosemary, thyme and cinnamon!

// flowers and plants //

Bringing flowers and green into your home is always a way to instantly turn around a bad day, in my opinion. During the cold and grey winter months they remind me that Spring is coming and for many that alone can symbolize a rebirth, a chance to re-introduce yourself to the world! They also off the chance to nurture something, other than yourself, and care for a living being. Another perk, plants naturally purify the air around your house, so they are working for you too!

Here is some great plant inspiration!

// piñon incense //

Thanks to a last minute gift  of this adorable incense burner from my husband this is the newest addition to my new year, new you agenda! Piñon incense is made from evergreen wood and has been used for healing, balancing and clearing energy. This smoke-filled experience takes you back to summer bonfires and frolicking around in nature. 

You can pick up your own here and here!

| portrait of an artist // martha rich |

Here is the second installment of our Portait of and Artist series. This lovingly quirky piece is by local Philadelphia artist Martha Rich. To be honest with you, 16 months after this project started I can not tell you how many pieces my husband has collected total, there are so many. I do remember this picture arriving in the mail, and the excitement my husband had in showing me. There is so much I love about this and I think you too will love the playfulness of Rich.

I am honored to share a little bit more about Martha Rich…

A Philadelphia-based commercial and fine artist who currently teaches at University of the Arts, Tyler School of Art and Fashion Institute of Technology. She has been featured in a wide realm of publications due to the varying subject matter she creates; Rolling Stone Magazine, Bon Apetit, Natural Health and LA Times to name a few!




Martha’s beginnings with art were a leap of faith taken after starting a family. She graduated with honors from the Art Center College of Design, her path was well chosen. 

I feel truly lucky to have this little piece in our collection and hope you take the time to learn more about Martha Rich

Image sources

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