| portrait of an artist // jason polan |

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When Harper was born my husband decided he wanted to create something special for her, something that would last forever. This ‘something’ is an art time capsule. Through Instagram, word of mouth and just luck, over the past 16 months he has collected numerous pieces from some of our favorite artists.

Art and design is something that Dan and I have always been passionate about, but Dan’s extensive knowledge about art has always amazed me. I love that he works so incredibly hard to create a one-of-a-kind gift for our daughter when she turns 18.

I am hoping that as we continue to grow and build this collection I can share some of the pieces we have collected, the artist that created them and how we came by each one. Please ignore my Dylan Thomas reference…but here is our first Portrait of an Artist!

// Jason Polan //

A New York illustrator with a unique perspective was named one of the 100 reasons to love New York, by New York Magazine. Jason’s approach to art is one that you can truly call quirky. Not only did he start the Taco Bell Drawing Club, but he took on the impossible challenge of drawing Every Person in New York.


The above image is from a more narrowed exhibition of Polan’s drawings focusing on the area of Broadway and 29th Street. Jason is also the creator of the amazing illustrations found on some of my favorite footwear Soludos. These are by far my favorite…

I hope that you have enjoyed our first portrait, I am so excited to continue to share this wonderful collection!

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